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LaunderLand was just completely remodeled with new ownership. This is not an ordinary old laundromat….it is fully staffed with attendants. We will help you with your laundry.

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We offer a variety of washers

Top Loading washers
  • 20 Top loaders
  • Best for smaller loads
  • Innovative design for optimized cleaning power
  • Features that take the hassle out of washing
  • Effortlessly reach items
  • Automatically adds extra water at the right time to ensure that all your items are thoroughly soaked
  • 20 Front Loaders
  • Ranging from our 3 load washes to our massive 6 loaders, these washers are better for washing in bulk
  • Our washers are loaded with innovative features that take the hassle out of washing
  • Wash more items in a single load and spend more time doing the things you love
Huge front loading washers

# 1 Laundry in California