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You'll find LaunderLand is clean, modern and well equipped for all home or commercial laundry needs. We are working hard to make sure you have what you need to make your laundry day as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Freshly remodeled with flat screen TVs, drinks, snack & soap vending.

LaunderLand has a sophisticated surveillance system for your added safety and peace of mind.

Huge front loading washers

Four sizes of front loading washers: Top Loaders (1 Load), 30 Pounds (3 loads), 40 Pounds (4 loads) and 60 Pounds (6 loads).

We have 30 Lbs and Large 55 Lbs Dryers.

Soap Vending Machine with different types of soap and drying sheets.

New beautiful bench and chairs for you to rest while you wait.

We hope you'll give our Laundromat a try so you can see what we have to offer and let us know how we can improve our facilities.

Soap, soap and more soap

Laundry Tips & Tricks

Hot Water

The hotter the water temperature, the cleaner the clothing will be. Use hot water to remove dust mites, germs and heavy soil. However, hot water tends to make some of the clothes shrink, wrinkle and fade.

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Warm Water

Warm water is usually the best choice for permanent press and jeans. It allows good cleaning action without as much fading, wrinkling, and shrinking.

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Cold Water

Cold water is usually used for delicate items. It’s also has the best options for clothing that have bright colors that may run or fade in higher temperatures.

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  • Check tags for special instructions.
  • Check your pockets before wash.
  • Pretreat stains for best results.
  • Sort your clothes before wash.
  • Do not overload clothes into smaller machines, items in the washer need room move around to get clean.
  • Do not over soap, especially with blankets/comforters. Use half the amount of soap you would normally use.

We are here to help you with any questions!


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